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Maternity Photos — We Did It!

27 Jun

Welp, we took your advice and went for it! And there is actually quite the back story…

After I posted this blog, our friend Leah who does photography in Orlando offered to do maternity shots for free. We were so blown away by her offer! We set up a date and were all ready to travel down when, oops, I had a close call with false labor.

The doctor advised us not to travel, lest we wanted to have a baby in Orlando (we really don’t) so we had to cancel with Leah.

However, I was so excited about having photos done, I racked my brain to try to think of an alternative. Then I remembered our good friend and budding photographer Sammie!

I messaged Sammie on Friday asking her if she was free the next day to shoot for us (after all, we weren’t sure how long this kid was going to be in my belly) and she obliged!

We agreed to take the photos at Railroad Square which was nostalgic, because that’s where we had our engagement photos with Ashley taken so long ago. It all comes full circle, I guess!

Here are some of our faves from the shoot (sorry if they’re huge):

Thanks again, Leah and Sammie! Y’all rule!

We’re On Our Own, Now

21 Jun

S’pose it’s time for a wee bit of an update, don’t you think?

Here we are. 35 weeks. Five weeks away from Dax’s due date and two weeks away from full term. As a friend of mine pointed out, I can now count down everything on one hand. That’s just nuts.

This week, we had dinner with some friends who had their baby boy a couple weeks ago. Their baby boy who, by the way, was due only a week before Dax. The reality is that this baby could seriously come at any moment. Crazy, right?

So. What’s been going on?

Well, for starters, we had a “brush with birth”, so to speak. I haven’t told many people about it because I didn’t want to freak anyone out. But, on Saturday, I took a bath in the morning and when I got out of the tub, I noticed some… stuff floating in the water. Stuff, I should mention, that is associated with the start of labor. (I’ll spare you the details because, quite frankly, everything about going into labor is pretty gross.)

Unfortunately, Dan was already gone and at a pool party he was in charge of throwing for the church. So I carefully put my bathing  suit on and made my way to the public pool. When I got there, I pulled him aside and told him about what I’d experienced that morning and that, after texting a few close mom-friends, I deduced we should probably go to the hospital just to check to make sure everything was okay.

Long story short, everything’s fine. Nothing to write home about. I was, however, put on “pelvic rest” for two weeks. (We’re all grown-ups here, right?)

After that, I went home and spent my afternoon on the couch. Then, some sweet friends, the Hookers, came over to hang out and have dinner. The boys (Dan, Daniel, and baby Isaiah) all hung out while Elizabeth Joy and myself really took to organizing the nursery. (And by “Elizabeth Joy and myself” I really mean “Elizabeth Joy while I sat on my birth ball and tried to not move at all due to the morning’s brush with birth.”) There are still some minor details that need to be worked out and some random things that need to be put away but, for the most part, everything’s coming together quite nicely. I am so thankful for you, Elizabeth Joy!

On Monday, we had our last childbirth class. We took a tour of the labor and delivery unit as well as the postpartum floor so we were all able to see what we’ll be dealing with in a few weeks. The birth bed is kind of like the most elaborate thing I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure you can set that thing to turn into a pretzel if you so choose. There is also a shower and Jacuzzi bathtub in each room. I have a feeling that’s where the majority of my labor will take place. Our class was supposed to end at 9PM, but at 9:30, Heidi asked us all if we had any questions. When we didn’t, she dismissed us, and none of us wanted to leave. I think reality set in; once we left the hospital, we’d be on our own, expected to give birth to and then raise these children by ourselves, without Heidi to comfort us or guide us. It was really frightening. We were a bunch of baby birds Heidi was haphazardly tossing out of her nest, hoping to fly but really just plummeting to the ground below.

We’ll be fine, I’m sure.

Thoughts on Father’s Day

14 Jun

When I first got pregnant, my mom asked me a really jarring question:

“Do you want me to try to track down your dad and tell him you’re pregnant?”

I didn’t know what to say.

For those of you who don’t know, I haven’t seen my father since I was nine. And the last time I talked to him I was nineteen. It wasn’t even a conversation, really; it was a four-page letter I wrote him telling him to get out of my life forever.

Long story, I guess.

Anyway, while my gut reaction was a hearty HELLS NO, I decided to not go with that. I gave it some thought and prayed about it and then talked it over with Dan and concluded that if Mom could reach my dad, he could know about his grandchild. But the extent to which he’d be involved in our child’s life would be at our discretion.

She hasn’t found him yet, so who knows what will happen.

But as Father’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think about him. And my son. And the fact that, because of my son, this is the first Father’s Day I can remember having a father figure of some kind to truly be thankful for — my husband.

Granted, he’s not a father figure to me. That void is still very real in my life and probably always will be, despite being raised by a great woman. But, if the American Dream is for our kids to have it better than we did, Dan will certainly fulfill at least this part of that dream for our kids.

Sure, he has flaws. All parents do.

But he really loves me. He truly, honestly, wholeheartedly, loves me. And I know he already loves our baby more than either one of us can fathom, even though Dax is still in my belly.

But, more than anything, he’s here. He’s committed. And I know that nothing could ever tear him away from us.  That is truly invaluable.

Dan, I love you so much and am so thankful for you. Happy Father’s Day.

Getting Uncomfortable

5 Jun

Here we are, 32 weeks and 5 days, and it seems as though Dax is growing faster than my uterus can handle! I should be gaining about a pound a week from here on out, with most of it going to my boy. It’s so exciting! But it also means that I’m officially pretty uncomfortable.

Sleeping has become a bit of a challenge. I am now limited to two positions. The first is on my left side, cuddling with a body pillow, and/or my husband. (Or both! Last night I fell asleep cuddling my body pillow with my palm on Dan’s chest. I’m sure it looked and felt pretty awkward for him, but it was nice for me.) I don’t know why this works, or why it’s more beneficial than my right side. But it’s what I’ve read in all the pregnancy books. So I’m trusting it’s the right way.

It’s true that back pain is not atypical in pregnancy. But it’s usually lower back pain. For me, though, it feels as though someone has lodged a jagged knife under my right shoulder blade. It is an intense pain that doesn’t wane, either. It is constantly hurting. (It hurts right now.) The only time I don’t feel it is when I lay on the ice pack and numb it into submission. And so, the second sleep position I can stand is face up with an ice pack wedged between the bed and my upper back. To those of you who suffer from chronic pain of any kind? I offer my sincerest condolences.

(Side note: at our childbirth class last night, I found out that Heidi, the teacher, is also a massage therapist. She took about five minutes to massage where it hurts and OH HEAVEN I NEED HER AROUND 24/7.)

When I’m not sleeping, I’m sweating. (Oh, who am I kidding? I’m sweating when I’m sleeping, too.) A born-and-raised Florida girl through and through, I’ve never been bothered by the 100-degree summers that start in April. But this year, it’s pretty brutal for me, because my internal temperature is already consistently elevated. I’m trying to freeze my poor Chicagoan husband out of our apartment. So far, though, we both still live there. He just has to utilize more blankets than he’s used to.

But, despite the persistent pain and how inconvenient it is, I can’t ignore the amazing cause of it all: my sweet little boy! And the miraculous fact that he’s growing inside my body! INSIDE MY BODY!

Dan also pointed out that this could be the only time I’m ever pregnant. I honestly had never even thought about that. So I don’t want to take any bit of it for granted; even the uncomfortable parts. This could be the only time my body works this kind of miracle, and I’ve only got about seven weeks left to enjoy it.