Flat Sunkist: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

6 Feb

Alright, folks. It’s time for another belly shot. Are you ready for this 15-week jelly? (Sorry, the picture is a couple days old. And I really hope Beyonce said something along those lines when she was pregnant with Blue.)


Now that you’re up to date on my appearance, let’s get you up to date on my pregnancy, shall we?

This morning, I had some bloodwork done. They did three tests, but the first two were words I couldn’t pronounce so I didn’t pay any attention to them. (I’m gonna be such an awesome mom, you guys.) BUT BUT BUT. The third test was my glucose/gestational diabetes test. For whatever reason, my doctor ordered this test at 16 weeks, but all my friends on Facebook have told me that they didn’t have to take it until 28 weeks. This, of course, makes me believe something is horribly wrong with me and/or Durrenbaby and that we’re probably going to die sometime in the very near future (tomorrow?)


My doctor knows that my mom has type 2 diabetes, so, she’s probably just being cautious. The two possibilities are equally plausible in my mind.

Either way. I had the test this morning.

I had to fast for two hours before the appointment but, since it was first thing in the morning, I had been fasting since dinner last night which was PRACTICALLY A ZILLION HOURS. (Well, that’s how long it felt.)

And then, when I got to the lab, I had to drink this stuff in five minutes:

I’d heard horror stories about this stuff from my mom friends. According to the lot of them, it tastes horrible. Well, maybe I got lucky or something, but to me it tasted like flat Sunkist, and I love the heck out of some Sunkist, so I was pleasantly surprised.

When I got done chugging the flat Sunkist, the lady at the window told me that I’d have to sit in the waiting room and wait an hour for my body to respond to the glucose. I really wish I would have known about this hour-long process because I would have brought a book or something. The lobby of the lab had, I’m not kidding, only FOUR magazines, and none of them were published this year. One was Better Homes and Gardens, no thanks, and one was the AARP digest, so that was a no-go either, and the other two had the covers ripped off so I didn’t bother investigating. So I drained my phone battery by playing Jewels and reading blogs on my WordPress app. What did we do before smart phones? Seriously.

While I was waiting, the lobby was flooded with walk-ins, all pregnant women and old people. The pregnant women were all “moderately pregnant” like myself and I noticed that each of them rubbed their bellies upon walking in the door. I wondered if that was simply subconscious or if it was because they wanted to clearly state that they were, indeed, pregnant, and not just fat. I totally get it, ladies. I. Get. You.

After an hour dragged by, I was called back and got my blood drawn by the sweetest nurse I’ve ever met. She was so excited to be drawing my blood for some reason, and kept asking me questions about the baby. “Are you having a boy or a girl? Aren’t you so excited? Isn’t pregnancy just wonderful?” She was like a walking pep talk and I loved her for it. After not eating for a zillion hours and running low on sleep and sitting in a boring waiting room for an hour and getting my right arm stabbed with a needle and expelling vials of blood, it felt good to smile uncontrollably. Thank you, Nurse Whoeveryouare, for making this morning awesome.

In other Durrenbaby news, Dan and I are going on our “babymoon” vacation this weekend! We are spending four days in Orlando and hitting three Disney parks. Yes, that may sound silly because I’m pregnant and can’t ride a lot of the rides. But, because I grew up near Disney, I’ve really ridden everything I’ll ever want to ride already. But Dan has only been to Magic Kingdom once, and God only knows when we’ll be able to afford to go ever again. Plus, Disney is seriously the happiest place on earth. What better place to go on a babymoon?

As Dan put it, we’re going to spend four days pretending I’m not pregnant (minus the obvious protrusion on my midsection, the fact that I’ll have to wait for Dan to ride rides alone, and the really sad feeling I’ll get when I can’t “Drink Around the World” at EPCOT) and spend four days enjoying each other as a couple before we become a trio forever.

All in all, pregnancy is going well, I reckon. I could do this forever! (No seriously. Can I be pregnant forever? Because I’m scared stiff at the thought of actually having to give birth and then, like, be a mom.)

— Lindsay

5 Responses to “Flat Sunkist: Kid Tested, Mother Approved”

  1. Amanda February 6, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    Yummy! I wouldn’t survive the orange stuff! My body processes sugar insanely fast so it would have me sweating, shaking and in the fetal position praying for death!
    Glad you survived it!! Nice nurses always make unpleasant situations SO much more tolerable!
    Hope you guys have fun on your babymoon! There’s still LOTS to experience without the rides!
    I can’t wait till you start feeling Durrenbaby moving, squirming around! You’ll be awesome parents!!

  2. mom February 6, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    When do u get the results? Have fun on your vacay!

  3. Sarah G February 7, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    I love your blog! I also wanted to be pregnant forever because motherhood was so intimidating. I will say, the last 2 weeks of pregnancy cured that. God designed it well : ) Enjoy your babymoon. We took a mini one at 7 months and that was just a wee bit too late to be walking several miles around Washington, DC, but we still had a blast.


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