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It’s a BOY! High Five!

28 Feb

As my sweet husband (and proud daddy!) noted, Durrenbaby was NOT shy this morning. He was proud to show us that he is ALL BOY!

So if you called it in our gender pool, I owe you one of these:

So, go take a look at Dan’s post to see our cute little man. (Some friends have said they spot Dan’s ears on the ultrasound. I HOPE SO!) And stay tuned — lots of people have asked about how we came up with the name, so I’m sure we’ll blog about that.

The Gender

28 Feb

Today we saw Durrenbaby again. And now, our baby has a gender and a name.

Basically, Durrenbaby is a real freakin’ person. Which is crazy!

Feel free to say “hello” to our currently gestating son Dax Arthur Durrenberger:

There he is! It's little Dax!

This is my son. (insert sound of my mind being blown here)

So, yeah. That’s where we are in the pregnancy/parenting thing. We know we’re having a son. His name is Dax. He is going to be [expletive deleted]ing awesome.

I can’t wait to see his face and hold him in my arms!!!


An Open Letter to My Kid (February 24, 2012)

24 Feb

I dated it in the title because I feel like I’ll probably write a thousand of these.

Dear Sweet, Tiny, Durrenbaby,

You are eighteen weeks along in my belly right now. Eighteen weeks! Can you believe it? I almost can’t remember life before being pregnant with you. You’re only two weeks away from being “half-baked,” and only twenty-two weeks away from coming into the world and into your mommy and daddy’s arms. I must say, we couldn’t be more excited about that than we are right now. We can’t wait to meet you!

The truth, my love, is that this week has been really hard on Mommy. Really hard. You see, while I love being your mommy, carrying you in my belly makes these things in my body (called “hormones” — we’ll discuss those when you’re older) go a little haywire. When Mommy’s hormones go haywire, you see, she cries. A lot.

Growing you and nurturing you and feeding you fun things (like M&M McFlurries) and talking to you and rubbing you through my belly is really all I want to do right now, however, I have to go to work at two jobs to make sure your daddy and I have enough money to take care of you both now and once you’re born. The work stress in and of itself is pretty taxing, but having to deal with it while drowning in a sea of my own unstable hormones is almost unbearable.


I’m writing to you today to say thank you. Thank you for, even though it really isn’t your choice at the moment, literally sticking with me throughout all of this. When the days are hard, and I leave work in tears, all I have to do is look down and see my little belly (that’s you!) sticking out and I remember why this is all worth it. You are so worth it, my eighteen-week-old miracle.

In just four short days, your daddy and I get to see you again for the first time in over two months. We’ve missed you! We will also find out if you are a boy like daddy or a girl like mommy. I want you to know that we don’t care what you are. We don’t care if you’re a boy or a girl. We will be elated either way, because no matter what you are, you will always be ours.

We love you so much, Durrenbaby. Keep growing! And we’ll SEE YOU ON TUESDAY!



18 Week Bump Update and A SUPER Emotional Day

23 Feb

Here it is! The 18-week-old bump! Look at him/her grow!

Pardon the lack of makeup, the glasses, and the droopy expression. I kind of felt like trash yesterday. In fact, yesterday was such a bad day physically and emotionally that I cried hard enough to accidentally lodge one of my contact lenses behind my freaking eye.

I’ve worn contacts for seven years now (whoa, what the heck, time?) and, while I’ve certainly heard about this urban-legend-esque phenomenon, I’ve never actually experienced it until yesterday. It’s just as terrifying and painful as it sounds.

Today is better. Mostly because of kittens on the internet and feeling Durrenbaby move when Dan talks to him/her.

Five days (hopefully!) till the gender reveal! Have you entered the gender pool yet? Lots of high fives are at stake here, people!

A Grey Area

21 Feb

The babymoon is behind us. The nursery is coming along. We’ve rearranged our entire house. I’m almost eighteen weeks pregnant. Is this real life?

Who knew I’d be such a boring pregnant woman, what with my all-but-nonexistent symptoms.  Everyone keeps asking me, “How are you feeling? Are you okay? How’s the baby? Are you craving anything weird?” And I feel really lame because I always offer up the same answer:

Fine. Yes. Fine. No.

How. Boring.

But, here’s something that isn’t boring! (Mom, you should probably sit down for this one, because it’s going to make you feel extremely old.)

Pregnancy changes hair. I’m not an exception. However, even though I’m still shedding (darn it) and my hair is relatively the same thickness it was before, it is now SUPER frizzy and dry all the time. Oh, and uh, since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve plucked out fifteen grey hairs. (Yes, I’m counting.)


At first, I was really concerned about it. So, naturally, I Googled it to freak myself out even more. But thankfully, I found that lots of other pregnant women sprout grey hairs simply because their hormones are going cray cray. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and decided that this MUST be the case with me (as opposed to the terrifying idea that I’m actually aging at 26) because all of these nasty little buggers have been about two inches long, which would mean they’ve only been growing for about four months. And I’m four and a half months pregnant.

See? Logic rules!

(But please, if you think that I’m being completely delusional about “pregnancy-related greys” then please don’t comment about it and ruin my day. Just let me believe what I believe. When my hormones have settled down and my hair is still coming in grey, then you can call me out. But not now. Please, for the love of all things holy and sacred, not now.)

Apart from that, pregnancy is (sigh) fine. Fine fine fine! Here are some standard, kinda-boring-but-still-cool-to-me, updates for you:

  • I’ve gained eight pounds so far. And yes, I’m weighing myself everyday. A lot of women I know are baffled and concerned by this, but the reasoning is to protect myself from myself. If you don’t know, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder in 2007, so I have to be extremely careful about how I approach weight gain. I don’t want to go to the doctor and step on the scale for the first time in months and faint out of terror and swear off food while I’m  pregnant. Now is NOT the time for a relapse, people.
  • I picked up a prenatal yoga DVD and have been working out using that. It’s not an extremely challenging exercise routine (obvs) but it’s, at least, something to keep me active and strengthen muscles that are used a lot during pregnancy and labor. There are some parts about it that are a bit hokey (as is the case with most yoga videos) but, apart from that, I like it.
  • A week from today is our next ultrasound! This excites me for so many reasons. If he or she isn’t shy that day, we’ll find out the gender! But, even without that, I’m just eager to see our little baby again. Our last ultrasound was at eight weeks, so it feels like an eternity has passed since then. Little Durrenbaby was only a tiny, fluttering blob last time — now, he or she is FULLY DEVELOPED and I want to see!
  • My gut feeling has changed from boy to girl. It’s official. This is based solely on the fact that I’ve had more dreams that Durrenbaby is a girl than boy. There is no science behind this. Just dreams. So. There you go.
  • Motherhood scares the junk out of me, y’all. For real.

That’s all for now, I guess. I imagine I’ll blog more on that last point soon. But for now, I quit. Hooray!

— Lindsay

Babymoon, Pt. 2

15 Feb

So, we survived the following things on our Babymoon:

+ Settling for two double beds in our room instead of one king-size
+ Timeshare salespeople
+ A creaky elevator
+ The cold (IN ORLANDO!?!)
+ The starter suddenly not working on our car
+ Breakfast at a Golden Corral
+ Orlando traffic
+ Innumerable small children with adorable animal ears of all kinds
+ The Haunted Mansion, Test Track, and the French
+ Etc., etc., etc.

Anyway, we’re back in Tallahassee and back to the reality that we will officially become parents in five months.

Truth is, that reality was pretty hard to escape. Disney World looked a little different knowing that it was maybe the last time Lindsay and I would be there, just the two of us. The Babymoon put into perspective exactly how our lives will be changing. We witnessed first-hand the highest highs of parenthood (i.e. turning your five-year-old daughter into a princess at the Bippity Boppity Boutique or hearing your son ask, “You told Mickey Mouse it was my birthday, didn’t you?”) and the stressful lows (i.e. 3pm when EVERYONE needs a nap, but there’s nowhere to rest except the hotel, and you’re not going back there because you want to get the most out of the hundreds of dollars you’re paying for your family to be at “the happiest place on earth”–but how can it be so happy when every parent and child here just needs to sleep for an hour, but there is NOWHERE to rest. I mean it would be so easy to brand, just build a set of hammocks in Adventureland or a slow-moving group of clouds in Fantasyland and charge $20 a person to lie down for 60 minutes. It would be a GOLDMINE!)

And still, back at home, back to “real life,” I am even more excited about becoming a parent. I know those stressful times will come, but if any other parent alive is to be believed, the happy times always outweigh the stressful ones. I know I believe it. Seeing Durrenbaby learn and grow and change is going to be fascinating. 

One of the themes at Magic Kingdom was that everyone has a dream, and I am so overwhelmingly eager to see our child dream and achieve incredible things. Dreaming of impossible things is how society progresses, and even if Disney charges out the wazoo for a clear reminder of it all, it’s exactly what I needed to get ready to be a dad. I don’t want my child to be jaded and cynical by third grade. I can’t wait to unabashedly live in the innocence of imagination again with Durrenbaby. 

The Babymoon is over. Life is changing. 

Let’s do this.

Babymoon, Pt. 1

9 Feb

So, tonight is the night when Lindsay and I take off for our Babymoon! (Have we mentioned this already? It’s like a honeymoon, except it’s to get away by ourselves for the last time before Durrenbaby shows up and changes everything.)

So, Disney World here we come! It is the most magical place on earth, after all.

The idea is that we’re going to pretend that Lindsay isn’t pregnant for four days. You know, except that Lindsay can’t ride all of the rides or Drink Around the World at Epcot, and she’s going to have to pee every 20 minutes. But that isn’t the point! We’re getting away from everything–even our responsibilities at our church/my job–to simply enjoy each other for the last time before our family grows.

As excited as we are to welcome Durrenbaby into the world in July, we’re more excited to enjoy each other’s company now and into the future. There’s no denying it: our relationship–and everything else–will be different when we “officially” become parents. These few days are meant to help us enjoy what our relationship is now before it changes.

Have I said enough to convince you that we are NOT dreading becoming parents? Because we’re not. But we know things WILL be different. Not worse–and maybe not even better–just different when Durrenbaby shows up.

A few notes of thanks:
+ Big shout out to our friend Zack for looking after the Purrenbergers while we’re gone. Also, thanks for naming our cats “the Purrenbergers.”
+ Thank you, Disney, for offering kick-butt deals to your parks (relatively speaking) for Florida residents.
+ Another thanks to our student loan interest and the U.S. government, who combined to give us enough of a tax deduction to afford the aforementioned kick-butt deal.
+ Big ups to the children’s ministry and student ministry volunteers who are working to do awesome things while we’re gone!
+ Also, thank YOU. I mean, you’re still reading this far into the post. That’s commendable, given this random and possibly unnecessary list…