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“You’re so pregnant.”

27 Jan

So, at 14 weeks, I asked my husband to take an updated belly picture.

His response? “You’re so pregnant!” Ha. He’s right. My boobs seem to have been finally surpassed by my belly.

And a BAM.


On Waiting and Really Weird Pregnancy Stuff

25 Jan

I guess it’s time for me to check in or something. Sorry I’m not blogging more, but it’s just that pregnant life at this point is really uneventful. It’s just a whole lot of waiting — waiting for weeks to go by, waiting to look pregnant instead of looking like I’ve just eaten my body weight in tacos recently, waiting to really need new clothes, waiting for doctor appointments, waiting for people to come pick up the furniture we’re getting rid of so we can start nesting (speaking of, anyone need an entertainment center and a huge TV to go in it? A loveseat, possibly?) and more waiting.

I’m really enjoying being pregnant. My husband takes care of the cooking and a lot of the housework (which is more due to the fact that I’ve recently started a second job than it is due to my pregnancy.) I get to eat brownies at 11PM and not suffer one ounce of guilt over it. I get to sheepishly brag about not being sick at ALL throughout my pregnancy and make other moms who used to be nice to me really mean to me. (Seriously. Recently, one of my mom friends told me, “Congratulations and oh, by the way, I hate you.”)

All in all, it’s not a bad gig.

The past few weeks, though, I took some road trips out of town to see some friends I probably won’t see as often as I’d like once Durrenbaby shows up. I saw Chris, Taylor, Chelsea, Ellis, Weasley, Dayle, Zach, and Jasper in the past couple weeks. That’s the most pregnant thing I’ve done lately, as well as scoring an adorable pair of Chuck Taylors from Dayle and Jasper for Durrenbaby. I have great friends — check these cuties out!

Speaking of my friends, though, I must say that they’ve done a stellar job of freaking me out about having this kid. They’re all chock full of interesting and terrifyingly unhelpful information.

Did you know that some people save their placentas and then PLANT them? Like trees? And if that’s not weird enough for you, did you know that there is something called a Lotus Birth? Where you give birth to the baby and DON’T cut the umbilical cord and so after you “give birth” to the placenta, you carry around the baby STILL ATTACHED TO THE PLACENTA for however many weeks it takes for it all to fall off? And if that doesn’t freak you out, did you know that some people actually EAT their placentas?

I, for one, certainly didn’t know any of that until Friday night at Lane’s birthday party right before we all dug into our respective pizza slices. Now you know.

I seriously adore my friends and Durrenbaby is going to love them, too. 🙂

— Lindsay

It’s Finally Official & the Gender Pool

18 Jan

Hello, second trimester! Durrenbaby is now the size of a peach! I love peaches. (I love Durrenbaby even more.)

It’s been a couple days since we’ve blogged, and for that I apologize. Some stuff has happened, I guess, I just don’t know how interesting it is to you people. I mean, of course it’s interesting to me, but uh, this is my kid, so…


First things first: we had our 12-week check-up last Friday! Dan and I thought we were going to get another ultrasound (as wonderful as 8 weeks was, Durrenbaby has changed so much, and we wanna see!) but it turns out we only got to hear the heartbeat.

Psh. Only. As if. It’s always so miraculous.

Dr. Rosenberg put that fun jelly stuff (it was super cold) on my belly and used this crazy machine to search for the heartbeat. It was like the medical equivalent of this:

Sort of.


My doctor rubbed the little microphone on my belly for a few seconds to search for the heartbeat, and then she found it — in the left-most side of my uterus — and those sweet little beats came wubwubwubbing through the not-mouth-shaped speaker. She said everything sounds great! Yay!

And so, after our appointment and getting the everything-looks-good-thumbs-up from Dr. R, we decided to go public on Facebook, thus finally making our pregnancy official. I honestly thought my friends were going to break Facebook and Twitter — we got so many well-wishes, it was almost overwhelming! It was so incredible to see everyone else be so joyous about this as we are. This peach-sized baby is already so loved, it’s insane!

Our next appointment is on February 28th, and it’s a bigg’un — I’ll be 18 weeks, and we’ll have our next ultrasound that will reveal the gender of Durrenbaby! And so, with that, let’s have some fun, shall we? Let’s start a (free to enter) gender pool! What do you think? Is Durrenbaby a boy or girl? Leave your answer in the comments! (My money’s on boy, if that sways your vote at all.) Whoever’s right, uh, you win a prize! (Probably in the form of a high five or something.)

— Lindsay

Fasten Your Seatbelts — It’s Gonna be a Bumpy Ride

11 Jan

Okay, so I’m not technically 12 weeks until tomorrow, but I’m currently so bumpalicious that I couldn’t help but take a new belly shot.

Oh, and to settle the food baby dispute, this picture was taken when I was so bloody starving I was seconds away from devouring the chalkboard. There’s no denying it now. That’s a Durrenbump, people. That’s. A. BUMP!

(My only concern is that, after perusing The Bump‘s forums, I found that most women didn’t show in their first pregnancy until 18-20 weeks. I’M NOT A FREAK FOR SHOWING SO EARLY, RIGHT?!)

— Lindsay

On Gaining Weight and Not Losing Pants

10 Jan

Yesterday I finally broke the news to my boss and coworkers. It feels so good to finally have this “little” secret out in the open. I don’t feel so shady anymore since, as those of you who know me can attest to, I’m a horrible liar. Even through omission. I just can’t do it. (Did I miss out on some useful lying gene or something? Hopefully Durrenbaby misses out on it, too, primarily in his or her teenage years.) So I’ve been walking around on eggshells for the past three months, afraid to talk about ANYTHING lest the news of my pregnancy accidentally fall out of my mouth. It’s only been the sole thing I think about since… well… conception.

“What’s new, Lindsay?”
“Oh, you know, nothing at all. Nothing out of the ordinary. Same old, same old. Definitely not experiencing some earth-shattering life change or anything. What’s new with you?”

So. What is new with me?

Well, I finally gained some weight. Two whole pounds! And, I have to admit — it’s difficult to be excited about it. When I saw the number on the scale this morning, I stepped off and back on THREE TIMES to make sure it was right. Unfortunately, my entire life I’ve been conditioned to cower in fear at the thought of the number on the scale climbing, so my morning started off a total drag.

“I gained two pounds,” I announced to my husband this morning.
“YAY!” he squealed in delight.

I wish I could have that same reaction. Maybe I will at some point. But as for now, I was really hoping to get out of my first trimester (which ends Thursday! Come on! SO CLOSE.) without gaining anything. But, I must remember that this is an arbitrary goal I unnecessarily set for myself and not meeting it doesn’t mean I’m already failing as a parent. Evidently, it means I’m winning as a parent. I’m supposed to gain weight when I’m pregnant.

In related news, I’m wearing my BeBand for the first time today. I’ve decided that this thing is magical. My pants aren’t buttoned or zipped but SOMEHOW they’re staying up on my body. Also, my abdomen isn’t screaming at me in pain. That’s right. I’m at work, sitting at my desk, and MY PANTS AREN’T BUTTONED OR ZIPPED. And it feels freaking awesome.

I suppose the whole point of the BeBand is so I can wear my pants unbuttoned and unzipped and no one will be the wiser. So, posting a blog about it probably wasn’t the smartest move. But it feels so good I just can’t help it.

— Lindsay

A Real Person

7 Jan

Last Sunday I was driving home from church, and I had one of those “oh, my God, this parenting thing is really going to happen” moments.

I usually have Lindsay with me when I drive. We do almost everything together, so it was different to have a quiet car to myself on my drive home. My mind started thinking about how I wouldn’t have almost any drives alone in a few months. There will be a carseat securely fitted with a living being in a few short months.

That thought was a very joyful one to have. I thought about listening to our child’s cooing and fidgeting coming from my Jetta’s backseat (not that my Jetta has much of a backseat. We’ll probably be driving Lindsay’s Camry more often than not… But that doesn’t really matter to this story. My baby’s carseat fit in the Jetta’s backseat in my imagination, and that’s good enough for me).

I started thinking about how I’ll talk back and converse with Durrenbaby and his/her random noises. “Oh, yeah, little bundle of joy? Tell me more about it. What do you see?”

And then it hit me: we may be having a baby this year (THIS YEAR, OMG!!!), but before long, our baby will be a kid. And that kid will talk back to me. S/He will have ideas and thoughts and questions and plans and A BRAIN that processes the world around her/him.

And before long, this child will not be constrained to the backseat, but s/he will be in the front seat with me. We’ll have Saturdays where we’ll go to the mall for, I don’t know, video games or dresses or new shoes for school. And my child will have definite preferences about these items, which my feeble adult sensibilities will weakly object to until I realize that it doesn’t matter if my child wears black or white shoes to school, even if the white ones will look a lot dirtier a lot sooner and need extra cleaning (just, you know, for example).

And that is what changed my whole perspective on this parenting thing. In six-and-a-half months, my wife is giving birth to a baby, yes. But more than that–way more than that–my wife and I will be parents to a person in six-and-a-half-months. Like, this baby isn’t going to be a baby for very long. Newborn, infant, toddler, preschooler, child, tween, teen, young adult, REAL FREAKING ADULT!!!!!

Truthfully, I haven’t been scared or worried about much of anything during this process so far. And as surprising as this revelation was to me–despite the obvious nature of the fact that children grow up–I am still not worrying. But I have a lot of new feelings about our soon-to-be-born(-and-then-some) child. I feel hope at his or her successes and pain at his or her losses. I feel excited about being a part of all of those changes in our child, and I feel a tiny bit scared about how I might ruin all of them.

But, in a way, this pregnancy thing is starting to “hit” me. We’re going to have a baby–no. We’re going to have a person!



Really, Internet? Really?

4 Jan

Last night I watched a video of a woman getting an epidural.

That was probably a mistake.

— Lindsay