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16 Nov

I knew I was pregnant almost immediately. My stomach felt fluttery, and I was violently nauseous the entire week after we conceived. Of course, it was too early for any sort of confirmation. But I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what was going on inside my body was completely foreign to me.

“You need to be prepared for the fact that you just got your wife pregnant,” I told Dan over and over.
“Well,” he shrugged. “We’ll see.”

I went online and bought early detection pregnancy tests (tests that can confirm a pregnancy long before over the counter ones can) to confirm what I already knew. When they arrived in the mail, I took one and excitedly waited for that positive result.

But it was negative.

I took another one to be sure. Negative again.

To be honest, this just made me upset. I knew I was pregnant; the tests were just lying to me.

About a week later, I took another EDT to see. It showed the faintest positive result ever — not enough for us to be sure.

But the following morning, November 16th, I took this over the counter test:

BAM. Clear as day. Pregnant!

That day, we went to the doctor to have the pregnancy really confirmed. (Though at this point, I was like, “Hello people? Welcome to the party. I’ve been saying I’m pregnant for two weeks already.”)

Moral of the story, kids? Just wait it out until you can buy a normal pregnancy test. No matter how early you take the test, it won’t change the results for you. And, furthermore, it’ll probably save you some money.

— Lindsay


2 Nov

According to our doctors, Durrenbaby was conceived on November 2nd, 2011.

Lindsay calls this “the fun part,” as in “the fun part is over.”

From what I can recall, this part was, indeed, fun.